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      Merge branch 'new-device-stats-fixes' into 'master' · d196819d
      Martijn Braam authored
      new-devices-stats: several improvements (!73)
      See merge request !73
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      new-devices-stats: several improvements (!73) · 0550fa72
      Oliver Smith authored
      Several improvements I did while generating the list for the 600 days
      blog post:
      * Clone pmaports from https, not ssh.
      * Do not crash when a device has multiple code names.
      * More helpful error message when codename was not found in wiki: the
        error contains a list of all devices that were found.
      * Add the "Thanks to: everyone who ported..." line in markdown output
      * Embed the current git commit into the markdown output as comment, so
        we don't need to search for it when using the tool again in the next
        blog post.
      * Embed the current command into the script.
      * When generating markdown output, note which devices have been deleted
        (because that means they were renamed, and the renamed version needs
        to be manually taken off the "new devices" list!).
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      utils/new-device-stats: add script from Martijn · c9b27b0f
      Oliver Smith authored
      This is a nice script that generats the "xx new devices" section for
      blog posts, optionally with a chart (see one year post).
      Original source from:
      Adding it here, so I can make a MR with changes I did for the latest
      post on top, and so it is on the pmOS GitLab project.
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      600 days: add comment links · 3d1d051e
      Oliver Smith authored
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      Merge branch '2018-12-post' into 'master' · 5b1d5cb0
      Oliver Smith authored
      January 2019 blog post
      See merge request !70
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      600 days of postmarketOS & new design (!70) · 6e51d721
      Oliver Smith authored
      Thanks to everybody who helped out and reviewed especially craftyguy
      for the final editing.
      January 2019 redesign
      Create a new design based on the Nexus 5 photos from pparent. With two
      featured devices, a nice quote from KDE's twitter and new about and
      architecture texts on the front page. Use a few numix icons (like the
      wiki main page). Increase the font size.
      Categorize the blog posts by year in /blog. Remove TOC from all blog
      posts, instead add links to all headlines.
      Make everything responsive by replacing the box model based layout with
      a new grid layout. Rewrite all CSS files from scratch, throw out (box
      model related) tachyons.css and main.less. The new CSS files don't need
      to be generated with less anymore.
      Invent a new syntax to use the grid layout in the markdown blog posts
      by using new [#grid side#], [#grid text#], [#grid bottom#] and
      [#grid end#] tags. Describe it in README.md, adjust all existing posts
      to use grid layout. Fix a few minor mistakes in the existing posts
      along the way.
      Update requirements.txt and document how they can be updated in
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