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      Update favicon to current logo · 113d2761
      Oliver Smith authored
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      All new homepage and blog post! (#26) · f2b561fb
      Oliver Smith authored
      * Basic structure and initial homepage
      * Add wiki content
      * Update homepage
      * Extract top menu
      * Sample blog post
      * Update submodules section
      * Add intro blog post and logo in header
      * Fix logo homepage link
      * Implement freeze.py
      * Initial static build
      * Add banner image margin
      * Fix freezer base URL
      * Fix URL links
      * Add new blog content example
      * Add python reqs
      * Update venv requirements
      * Update README
      * Prepare for import of yuvadm's codebase
      Details here:
      * Added new homepage
      * Frozen new homepage
      * Fixed valign and text updates
      * Fixed call to action layout
      * Added security warning and minor fixes
      * Add troubleshooting and deviceinfo redirects
      * Update freezer base URL to upstream
      * Restore wiki pages for now
      * Add CSS section in README
      * Return base template inheritance in index template
      * Add favicon to base template
      * Add missing usbhook/ redirect
      * Replace f-strings with format() calls for compatability
      * Change venv to .venv in README.md to match .gitignore
      * Added frontmatter parsing with yaml and blog styling (#6)
      * Added frontmatter parsing with yaml and blog styling
      * Freeze PyYAML version
      * Remove post.author again
      * Fix #8: Update startpage (make the security section sound less positive, other edits) (#9)
      * Make the security section sound less positive
      * Change tabs to spaces
      * Some rewording, add and fix some links
      * More link updates and rewording
      * add some bold words
      * More bold statements
      * Update intro post
      * Added reading time to the blog-post.html (#16)
      * Close #10: Remove wiki integration (#12)
      * Remove wiki routes
      * Remove wiki content code from freezer
      * Remove update wiki content from the README.md
      * Remove unused wiki templates
      * Update redirects (#17)
      * Update redirects
      * import WIKI_REDIRECTS in freeze.py
      * Add warning to the last route
      * Fixed crash in the freeze script (#22)
      * Design cleanup on next branch (#18)
      * Added SVG logo
      * Added logo.create_rectangular()
      * Fixed off-by-one error in svg transform
      * Added phone frame
      * Header and structural refactoring
      * Basic tachyons structure in place
      * Refactor blog page
      * Refactor homepage structure
      * Cleanup blog post page
      * No need to split less files
      * Slightly larger first paragraph font size
      * Fix blog post date formats
      * Small device responsiveness
      * Header and footer backgrounds, general layout refactoring
      * Fix header layout
      * Small header and footer fixes
      * Better blog page responsiveness
      * Header padding for tablet-size devices
      * Fix blog page layout
      * Better blog post page padding on small devices
      * Expand CSS readme
      * Add copy line spacing on blog posts
      * Add codehilite support
      * Normalize headers and titles
      * Add TOC extension
      * Use blog post date from file path
      * Extract footer to all pages (#14)
      * Change codehilite css to fit better with theme (#24)
      * Ensure blog post slugs are queried in lowercase
      * Close #21: 100 days of postmarketOS blog post (#23)
      * WIP: intro, qemu, plasma, mainline
      * WIP: Add some media, add text for Hildon, Doom, initramfs
      * Lowercase slug
      * Expand infratructure section
      * Add "Why we evolve in many directions" section
      Also removed "## Future" at the end, because that is answered in
      this new section.
      * Fix line formatting
      Do not use line breaks in paragraphs, as this is harder to maintain
      and it does not get rendered that way in the browser. It is text,
      not code.
      * Align images, use better images, add smartwatch Doom text and image
      * Add more information to 'new infrastructure'
      * Fill 'other new devices' section
      * Add N900 mainline image (photo taken by @craftyguy, thx)
      * More pictures (osk, splash), mention akademy talk, sort contributors
      * Write 'Interoperability' section (flash, export related)
      * Fill 'raw numbers'
      * Add craftyguys cool OSK gif
      * clean up
      * Drop some closing words
      * Add ata2001's cool TWRP screenshot
      * Mention pavelmalchek's N900 work
      Thanks McBitter for pointing out that he was missing!
      * Add wfranken's sony-yuga port
      * Update to 555 stargazers and 55 watchers
      nice numbers!
      * Updated splash images to new logo
      * Reduce splash.png size from 2mb to a few kb
      * Add missing PR links
      * Link all Github usernames
      * 100d of pmOS - edited (#25)