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    • Oliver Smith's avatar
      CI: enforce python 3.6+ with vermin (MR 2002) · 8e3196a4
      Oliver Smith authored
      Make sure that features requiring a higher python version don't sneak in
      by accident.
      It would be nice to add this to test/static_code_analysis.sh, so it is
      easy to run it locally. But vermin is not packaged in Alpine right now,
      and given that this should be a rather rarer error, it doesn't seem
      worth the effort right now.
      Run silently by default and only in verbose mode if there are errors,
      because if vermin isn't silent, it will not just point out errors, but
      describe required python versions for everything it sees. (Copied that
      part from the bpo CI script, where I had used it as pre-commit hook as
      it was stuck on 3.5 for some time.)
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    • Johannes Marbach's avatar
      Add option to run sudo -v in a loop to prevent repeated password entries (MR 1997) · 1eac61bc
      Johannes Marbach authored
      Many of pmbootstrap's actions require root rights. When after requesting
      sudo access pmbootstrap takes longer than the sudo timeout interval to finish
      execution, the password will have to be entered again on the next sudo
      This change adds an opt-in feature to run sudo -v in a background loop
      in order to prevent having to enter the password more than once for a single
      pmbootstrap run. The loop runs as a daemon timer which automatically gets
      canceled when pmbootstrap exits.
      Closes: #1677
    • Johannes Marbach's avatar
      pmb.helpers.run_core: change kill_as_root to sudo (MR 1997) · 8842a7d5
      Johannes Marbach authored
      Replace the "kill_as_root" argument with a much simpler "sudo" argument
      and remove the now obsolete check for the output mode of "kill_as_root".
      "kill_as_root" would only get set to True if both conditions are met:
      a) command is running with sudo
      b) command is running with an output mode ("log" or "stdout") where
         pmb.helpers.run_core would kill it if it does not output anything
         before a timeout is reached
      The new "sudo" argument just indicates if the command is running with
      sudo (a), regardless of the output mode (b).
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    • Martijn Braam's avatar
      Add sideload command · 1921fc5f
      Martijn Braam authored
      The sideload command runs the supplied names through the pmbootstrap
      buildsystem to make sure they're up-to-date, then uses scp from the host
      to copy the built apks to /tmp on the phone and installs them through
      If the --install-key option is set then it will also copy over the apk
      key that's used for signing the packages built by pmbootstrap in case
      the postmarketOS install on the device isn't build by the same machine
      as you're sideloading from.
    • Oliver Smith's avatar
      pmbootstrap install: properly count install steps (MR 1978) · 5cbde818
      Oliver Smith authored
      Get rid of hardcoded step numbers, even for the currently common steps.
      With the upcoming --ondev --no-rootfs, we will need to skip the
      hardcoded step 2 (create device rootfs).
    • Oliver Smith's avatar
      pmbootstrap install: new func create_device_rootfs (MR 1978) · b6dce248
      Oliver Smith authored
      Move related code from pmb/install/_install.py:install() to a new
      create_device_rootfs() function in the same file, so it can be skipped
      with the upcoming --no-rootfs parameter.
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