Commit 8187c668 authored by Oliver Smith's avatar Oliver Smith

Mount /dev/shm in chroots

Fix configure crash when building mozjs60 by mounting tmpfs as /dev/shm
in chroots. This is an important fix, because of this dependency chain,
that is currently broken in armhf and armv7 (see pmaports#244):

postmarketos-base -> networkmanager -> polkit -> mozjs60
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......@@ -83,6 +83,9 @@ def mount_dev_tmpfs(args, suffix="native"):
# Create pts, shm folders and device nodes, ["mkdir", "-p", dev + "/pts", dev + "/shm"]), ["mount", "-t", "tmpfs",
"-o", "nodev,nosuid,noexec",
"tmpfs", dev + "/shm"])
create_device_nodes(args, suffix)
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