1. 16 Jul, 2019 9 commits
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      main/postmarketos-ui-plasma-mobile: new depends (!459) · 05aa9bed
      PureTryOut authored
      I've ordered the $depends list alphabetically for better readability,
      and added the bluedevil (for Bluetooth) kwallet-pam and
      xdg-desktop-portal-kde runtime dependencies.
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      hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid: new package (!448) · e38f1de1
      Alexey Min authored
      Set of pulseaudio modules that use Android audio HAL
      (via libhybris) to talk to sound cards.
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      hybris/pulsecore-private-headers: new package (!448) · 83ef5869
      Alexey Min authored
      Essentially needed for packaging pulseaudio-modules-droid.
      This package is basically a set of headers taken from
      original pulseaudio tarball and one hand-made pkg-config file.
      All versions listed in this package and in pulsecore.pc should
      match pulseaudio's MAJOR.MINOR version, otherwise everything
      will break. All library paths listed in pulsecore.pc should
      match pulseaudio paths, too. Because library itself is built
      and installed by pulseaudio package (pulseaudio-dev).
      For motivation behind this see:
      TL;DR pulsecore is an internal pulseaudio library needed to build
      pulseaudio's own modules, not meant to be used py pulseaudio clients.
      It is not exported since pulseaudio-8. We fake an "export"
      of this library, since we need it to build an out-of-tree module.
    • Konrad Dybcio's avatar
      sony-suzu: new device (Sony Xperia X) (!482) · 3003f256
      Konrad Dybcio authored
      Also known as: SoMC Loire Suzu RoW
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    • Martijn Braam's avatar
      main/postmarketos-ui-phosh: enabled aarch64 (!414) · 00ed89ba
      Martijn Braam authored
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      phosh/phosh: enabled aarch64 (!414) · 2bff253d
      Martijn Braam authored
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    • Luiz Rodrigues da Silva's avatar
      lg-p700: new device (LG Optimus L7) (!471) · 5b77b0ff
      Luiz Rodrigues da Silva authored
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    • Alexey Min's avatar
      samsung-klte: backport memfd_create() syscall (!479) · 2fb18b5d
      Alexey Min authored
      This brings in several patches needed to add support for a
      memfd_create() syscall into kernel version 3.4 from kernel
      version 3.17. This is required for running lxc >= 3.1.0-r1
      with security patch that fixes CVE-2019-5736.
      In short, security issue was: in a privileged container root
      process could overwrite lxc-start executable by opening its
      file descriptor and rewriting executable contents. This is
      where memfd comes to help: you can create an in-memory file,
      copy your executable there, and place a set of SEALS to protect
      it from modifying at a deep level. Then you fexecve() that fd
      and you're safe.
      For example, pulseaudio also can benefit from having
      memfd_create() implemented.
      This backports the following commits from upstream linux:
       - dd37978c50bc8b354e5c4633f69387f16572fdac: cache the value
         of file_inode() in struct file
         commit from linux-3.10 to have an f_inode member inside
         struct file and a helper function file_inode() that is
         used in some of the following commits
       - 40e041a2c858b3caefc757e26cb85bfceae5062b shm: add sealing API
         from 3.17: security measure called SEALS, that you can put
         on memfd file to restrict operations on it
       - 9183df25fe7b194563db3fec6dc3202a5855839c shm: add memfd_create()
         also from 3.17
       - 503e6636b6f96056210062be703356f4253b6db9 asm-generic: add
         memfd_create system call to unistd.h
       - e57e41931134e09fc6c03c8d4eb19d516cc6e59b ARM: wire up
         memfd_create syscall
      The last two are needed to make the syscall visible/usable from
      userspace, one in generic context, other for ARM arch.
      The test program (https://github.com/minlexx/test_memfd/) was
      written to verify that this works.
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