1. 30 Jun, 2019 2 commits
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      main/postmarketos-mkinitfs: verbose network log (!468) · 74ac6819
      Martijn Braam authored
      Make the initfs show better errors in the network setup part.
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      main/postmarketos-base: fix wpa_supplicant config (!365) · 17292f4f
      Oliver Smith authored
      Fix wifi on htc-ace by properly setting nl80211 before wext.
      /etc/conf.d/wpa_supplicant is supposed to get modified twice with the
      current code in the post-install file. The first one was patched
      recently to set nl80211 before wext, but that change does not work in
      practice, for two reasons:
      1. The code block does not even get executed, because apk reports that
         /etc/conf.d/wpa_supplicant was already modified (by a package that
         was installed before, in its post-install script? I could not find
         out which one does that though).
      2. Even if it worked, the second code block would revert the change and
         put wext before nl80211 again.
      Fix this by removing the first code block, and changing the order in the
      second one. Make it easier to catch such errors in the future, by
      printing, which files get modified, or get skipped. Set "#!/bin/sh -e",
      so the script can not fail silently.
      When doing pmbootstrap -y zap and then pmbootstrap install, the output
      looks like this:
      (141/151) Installing postmarketos-base (3-r26)
      Executing postmarketos-base-3-r26.post-install
      - Modifying: /etc/fstab
      - Modifying: /etc/issue
      - Modifying: /etc/motd
      - Modifying: /etc/conf.d/syslog
      - Modifying: /etc/conf.d/wpa_supplicant
      - Modifying: /etc/sudoers
      - Modifying: /etc/chrony/chrony.conf
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