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    main: linux-postmarketos-allwinner: PinePhone updates · d72923dc
    Martijn Braam authored
    - main: postmarketos-mkinitfs: Add /run
      Create the /run directory in the initramfs so that cryptsetup doesn't
      crash on not being able to create /run/cryptsetup for lockfiles
    - device: pine-dontbeevil: Remove workaround for touchscreen
    - main: linux-postmarketos-allwinner: Implemented supplies for touchscreen
      This uses a slightly newer commit from the kernel repo that implements
      requesting a regulator in the touchscreen driver
    - device: pine-dontbeevil: Remove ethernet from initramfs
      This actually makes debugging more complicated since networkmanager wont
      touch the ethernet adapter afterwards and the initramfs can be debugged
      over uart
    - temp/u-boot: sync APKBUILD with upstream and update to 2019.04
    - main: linux-postmarketos-allwinner: Use 20190521 git version
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