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    kde/*: cleanups and updated git-based packages (!375) · 5267dd03
    PureTryOut authored
    All packages are now built as RelWithDebugInfo rather than Release. This
    should make debugging these packages easier.
    I've also updated all Plasma packages without releases (git-based) to
    their latest masters. plasma-angelfish now has it's first release, and a
    new dependency called "purpose".
    Calindori had a typo in the pkgver causing it to look like it was
    released in the 30th month of the year. Because of this, the old package
    will have to explicitly be removed from the repository. Let's hope no
    one uses that package yet, or they will have to wait till 2020 before
    it'll get updated again on their system lol.
    [skip ci]: it does not finish in time. ollieparanoid made sure that it
               builds on all arches. Usually we would use [ci:skip-build]
               instead of [skip-ci], but now that [ci:skip-build] also
               verifies that downloading sources is working as expected,
               and for some reason gitlab CI can't download one source file
               even when retrying [1] (cache on their end?), let's skip it
               this time.
    [1] https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports/-/jobs/219539514