postmarketos-ui-xfce4 & -mate: Implement onboard keyboard

Jakko requested to merge jakko/pmaports:xfce4_mate_onboard_keyboard into master

Installing "onboard" onscreen keyboard and enabling autostart. Solves [1]. CC @drebrez.

Option "Don't auto-show while external keyboards are connected" is activated.

Actually in postmarketos-ui-xfce4 we have a bit of a package version numbering problem here. The pkgver 0.3 comes from subproject xfce4-phone [2]. However, adding new files to postmarketos-ui-xfce4 would actually require to increase the pkgver of postmarketos-ui-xfce4. The sources in this package are partially handled in xfce4-phone and partially in postmarketos-ui-xfce4.

To make this more clear, I changed the name of the .tar.gz file to xfce4-phone-$pkgver.tar.gz instead of $pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz. See also original file at [3].

How about changing the pkgver to a new numbering system, e.g. something like 0.3.9 and set pkgrel to 0? But then it wouldn't fit to xfce4-phone-$pkgver.tar.gz anymore. Would need to be something like xfce4-phone-$(echo $pkgver | cut -d'.' -f1,2).tar.gz. If it gets too complicated, we can leave it as it is.

In postmarketos-ui-mate, I bumped the pkgver because new 'soruce' files were added, described as edge case in [4].

[1] xfce4-phone#5 (closed)




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