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main/linux-postmarketos-qcom-msm8974: upgrade to 5.11.10

Luca Weiss requested to merge msm8974-5.11 into master

CC @ichernev @julian-goldsmith

@PureTryOut (you have one of the Sony devices from what I can see in the git log?)


  • kernel:
    • upgrade from 5.9.x to 5.11.10
    • depend on gmp-dev, mpc1-dev, mpfr-dev to build with GCC_PLUGINS support
    • reduce package size (INSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1) (from 119.6 MB to 21.5 MB)
    • several kconfig changes:
      • make interconnect module built-in
      • remove unused built-in DSI PHY drivers
    • The most important change is that GPU support for msm8974 was merged upstream, which means we have to carry less downstream commits/hacks. Consequence is that instead of hardcoding VRAM carveout code path and mem amount, those things now should be configured using kernel command line parameters (msm.allow_vram_carveout=1, msm.vram=XXXm)
  • devices:
    • All msm8974 devices: adapt deviceinfo to kconfig changes (built-in interconnect, GPU-related kernel cmdline params)
    • lg-hammerhead: move Wi-Fi firmware file to firmware package, reliable bluetooth probing
    • samsung-klte: add bluetooth support
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