1. 03 Mar, 2021 3 commits
  2. 02 Mar, 2021 6 commits
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      lg-vee3e: new device (MR 1977) · 2978b95c
      Duje Mihanovic authored
      [ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI
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      temp/u-boot-librem5: use pmb:cross-native (MR 1988) · fcc2ef8f
      Oliver Smith authored
      Let pmbootstrap build the package in the native chroot. This is
      important for the v21.03 branch, which needs to ship its own
      cross-embedded toolchain, as the one from Alpine is only in testing and
      therefore not available in the Alpine v3.13 branch that pmOS v21.03 is
      based on. By using the native branch, it is enough to build the
      cross-embedded toolchain for x86_64, and we can avoid qemu related
      errors when attempting to build it for arm architectures.
      As a nice benefit, this makes compilation of the package faster on edge,
      [ci:skip-build]: already built successfully in CI
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      cross/musl-*: upgrade to 1.2.2-r2 · 989444eb
      Oliver Smith authored
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      xiaomi-dior: new device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G) (MR 1992) · 079f4f59
      Edwin authored
      Add support for xiaomi-dior. Fix framebuffer bugs, now fbcon
      and X server works.
      [ci:skip-build] Already built in CI
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      temp/upower: fix led detection on the librem5 (MR 1986) · 184bc634
      clayton craft authored
      The previous implementation of this caused upower to select a thing
      called 'flash_strobe' in the L5, which doesn't operate like a
      flashlight. This changes the detection logic to look at the suffix, on
      the pinephone the device ends in ':flash', and on the L5 it ends in
      fixed #967
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      temp/upower: add patch for supporting usb chargers (MR 1986) · 81e374c3
      clayton craft authored
      This patch is in purism's fork and it removes messages like this when
      starting upower on the librem5 by properly detecting/setting the type:
          TI:15:11:12     did not recognise USB path /sys/devices/platform/soc@0/30800000.bus/30a20000.i2c/i2c-0/0-003f/power_supply/tps6598x-source-psy-0-003f, please report
          TI:15:11:12     did not recognise USB path /sys/devices/platform/soc@0/30800000.bus/30a50000.i2c/i2c-3/3-006a/power_supply/bq25890-charger, please report
  3. 01 Mar, 2021 2 commits
  4. 28 Feb, 2021 3 commits
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      device-purism-librem5: add smartcard reader support (MR 1993) · 3ed8a1b0
      clayton craft authored
      This adds a new subpackage that installs dependencies and configures the
      smartcard reader on the librem 5. Some setup is required before this
      will work (e.g. upgrading reader firmware), the L5 wiki page will have
      this information.
      The pcsc init script was forked into this package to allow for powering
      on the reader *before* the service started. Doing this in a separate
      init script would have caused the reader to power on regardless of
      whether the pcsc service was set to start, which is not desirable since
      it should *only* be powered on when pcsc is starting
    • Oliver Smith's avatar
      main/postmarketos-android-recovery-installer: upgrade to 1.0.4 (MR 1999) · bf1e0b82
      Oliver Smith authored
      Fix crash if /etc/skel is missing.
    • Iskren Ivov Chernev's avatar
      oneplus-billie2: new device (OnePlus Nord N100) (MR 1989) · d8ac6e9a
      Iskren Ivov Chernev authored
      So far the debug-shell in initfs works. The device uses dynamic
      partitions, so that has to be figured out to get a proper rootfs.
      One thing to look out for is that mount_subpartitions task in initfs
      hangs, so pmos_boot=sth was added to kernel cmdline to skip it. This is
      also related to dynamic partitions, anyway.
      [ci:skip-build] Already built on CI
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