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modem/q6voiced: upgrade to 0_git20210408 (fix bad regression) (MR 2103)

When I upgraded tinyalsa to the new 2.0.0 major release (with breaking
changes) I failed to test q6voiced properly, even though I explicitly
had to rebuild it against the new tinyalsa version (see MR 1941).

In tinyalsa 2.0.0, calling pcm_open() does not automatically call
pcm_prepare() anymore, which is responsible for actually starting any
audio streams. This means that the old version of q6voiced is almost
entirely broken - only by pure luck it's sometimes possible to get
voice call audio working if you play other audio simultaenously while
a voice call is active. This does not work for the microphone though.

The new q6voiced version now calls pcm_prepare() explicitly to fix this.
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# Maintainer: Minecrell <>
pkgdesc="Enable q6voice audio when call is performed with oFono"
pkgdesc="Enable q6voice audio when call is performed with oFono/ModemManager"
......@@ -25,5 +25,5 @@ package() {
install -Dm755 "$srcdir"/q6voiced.initd "$pkgdir"/etc/init.d/q6voiced
sha512sums="70995bebff53f196c05cc0df4cf6a05fc57a355c8fcd186b3750fd8740624e0caba7b44e87c8bd7c5aaec8f5d9ea67fd2ba8eaa0bd9c4b27e12894f21d998617 q6voiced-67a5dd03d6890a9445109a88d67feadb4e83c341.tar.gz
sha512sums="1d60d65235b152f368fd64a1b294080623542cb86fcf2f6e12e3ff7ca275a119669313c764f3dd4f07b4f57622ba618d4394f376352e88100e58df57ec1b3a3d q6voiced-a75518e1ddf44971b1181e12c328dd250b62962a.tar.gz
02e5b338f2b1ed2bbcb1f8cc29d57a5915bf5fc03bc946906b545d2c31bd16302399508bbe8000ec660eee54bb1a6407689a4f85631be727ebd963e1964a54b9 q6voiced.initd"
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