Commit 340a17d9 authored by Oliver Smith's avatar Oliver Smith Committed by GitHub

Set all of user's groups in "pmbootstrap install" (#1432)

The postmarketos-base package used to make the user part of the "video"
and "audio" groups. However, this did not work reliably, and we were
adding the "wheel" group in "pmbootstrap install" anyway.

Now all groups get added in "pmbootstrap install", and the names of the
groups have been moved to `pmb.config.install_user_groups`.
parent eda9b90f
pkgdesc="Meta package for minimal postmarketOS base"
......@@ -76,10 +76,6 @@ touch /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
# Enable the 'wheel' group
sed -i 's/# %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL/%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL/' /etc/sudoers
# Add user to video group for proper framebuffer permissions
username="$(getent passwd 1000 | cut -d ":" -f 1)"
usermod -a -G video,audio "$username"
# Set chrony to quickly correct system time on first boot, if necessary
if ! grep -q "makestep" /etc/chrony/chrony.conf; then
echo "makestep 1 -1" >> /etc/chrony/chrony.conf
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