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    block: Introduce blk_revalidate_disk_zones() · bf505456
    Damien Le Moal authored
    Drivers exposing zoned block devices have to initialize and maintain
    correctness (i.e. revalidate) of the device zone bitmaps attached to
    the device request queue (seq_zones_bitmap and seq_zones_wlock).
    To simplify coding this, introduce a generic helper function
    blk_revalidate_disk_zones() suitable for most (and likely all) cases.
    This new function always update the seq_zones_bitmap and seq_zones_wlock
    bitmaps as well as the queue nr_zones field when called for a disk
    using a request based queue. For a disk using a BIO based queue, only
    the number of zones is updated since these queues do not have
    schedulers and so do not need the zone bitmaps.
    With this change, the zone bitmap initialization code in sd_zbc.c can be
    replaced with a call to this function in sd_zbc_read_zones(), which is
    called from the disk revalidate block operation method.
    A call to blk_revalidate_disk_zones() is also added to the null_blk
    driver for devices created with the zoned mode enabled.
    Finally, to ensure that zoned devices created with dm-linear or
    dm-flakey expose the correct number of zones through sysfs, a call to
    blk_revalidate_disk_zones() is added to dm_table_set_restrictions().
    The zone bitmaps allocated and initialized with
    blk_revalidate_disk_zones() are freed automatically from
    __blk_release_queue() using the block internal function
    Reviewed-by: default avatarHannes Reinecke <hare@suse.com>
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    Reviewed-by: Martin K. Petersen's avatarMartin K. Petersen <martin.petersen@oracle.com>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarMike Snitzer <snitzer@redhat.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDamien Le Moal <damien.lemoal@wdc.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJens Axboe <axboe@kernel.dk>
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