Double Eagle

What's New in postgres-checkup 1.3.0 "Double Eagle"

New Features and Improvements

  • Split the workflow to 2 stages: collect and process. Add the 3rd, optional stage: upload. Implemented the corresponding CLI "commands" !387.
  • Additional connection CLI options (--pg-hostname, --pg-port, --ssh-hostname, --ssh-port) !400.
  • Wrapper script executing all three stages, to be used separately or in Docker container !405.
  • Added support of work with more than 10 nodes !409.
  • Summary table added to the full report !410.
  • Links to every Postgres version changes with details !420.
  • H002, H004: Recommendations and Conclusions sections fully reworked to make them usable for large databases. Detailed directions on cleanup tactics provided !429.
  • Optimized Dockerfile !407.
  • CLI option to control connection timeout for psql and ssh modes !408, !414.
  • Copyright updated + minor code cleanups !413.
  • Docker: do not attempt to generate HTML and PDF !412.
  • Reworked loading configuration on Golang and changed the format of the config file !415.
  • A002: information about Postgres 12 !426.
  • Minor improvements for CLI help texts (resources/cli.conf) !428.
  • F004, F005: in Recommendations, provide the full lists of tables/indexes for maintenance in !425.


  • F004 and F005: fixed the table format !406.
  • Correct database name in the full report !416.
  • Get rid of redundant of HTML/PDF generation !418.
  • H002: the list of redundant indexes fixed, generation JSON data for indexes improved !419.
  • Fixed the ordering of more than 5 issues in Conclusions or Recommendations !421.
  • L003: ordered the list of items by the value (the highest values go first) !421.
  • H002, H004: fixed CI tests !423.
  • H001-H004: fixed numbers of rows !427.
  • A008: do not show log directory/file details if log_destination=syslog !424

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