The Guardian's Voice

What's New in postgres-checkup 1.2 "The Guardian's Voice"

New Features and Improvements

  • Sections "Conclusions" and "Recommendations" are now automatically filled for the following reports (in addition to A002, A008, F002, F004 , and F005 implemented in version 1.1) #395, #414:
    • F001 Autovacuum: Current Settings,
    • F008 Autovacuum: Resource Usage,
    • G001 Memory-related Settings,
    • G002 Connections and Current Activity,
    • K003 Top-50 Queries by total_time,
    • L003 Integer (int2, int4) Out-of-range Risks in PKs.
  • The items in "Conclusions" of reports "F004 Autovacuum: Heap Bloat (Estimated)" and "F005 Autovacuum: Index bloat (Estimated)" are now ordered by estimated bloat #401.
  • CI tests now check multi-node (master+replica) setup !349, !346.
  • In all reports, hostnames used are the same as those specified in the -h option (previously, "native" hostnames were used, determinied by hostnamectl) !358.


  • Bugfixes: failures when there is no JSON data for some hosts. index out of range failure fixed. CI test added !348.
  • Bugfix: broken recommendations for older PostgreSQL versions !346.
  • Fixed bugs related to displaying Postgres versions in A002 Conclusions section !346.
  • Fixes of various bugs in G002, K003 !347.


  • No binaries for now, Go part is to be compiled (Docker image is available).
  • Reports in K group (Query Analysis) work only with the last two snapshots.
  • There is no integration with cloud APIs yet: "infrastructure" reports are generated only for on-premise Linux setups, where ssh is available; SQL-level reports work with any cloud setups such as Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Azure.

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