• Fix: choose the latest snapshot by default on the clone creation. If multiple snapshots are available to be used in thin provisioning, and the snapshot parameter is not specified in the request for a new clone,
  • Internal: Refactor some methods in the cloning service.
  • Fix: Take into account active connections while determining idle clones. Previously, if query (such as CREATE INDEX ..) runs longer than "maximum allowed idle time", it got canceled and the thin clone was destroyed. Now both Postgres logs and pg_stat_activity are analyzed to determine if the clone is idle.
  • Docs: add Swagger to describe API

Client CLI

  • Fix: Add missing insecure parameter to init command.
  • Internal: Add the debug flag.


  • Ignore Golang version tags (e.g. "v0.2.3") tags.
  • Build containers both for server and client.
  • Do not update the "latest" tag on release candidate versions (any tag with letters , e.g. "0.2rc").
  • Moved cli-install script to /scripts directory.
  • Build Swagger UI container on release tags.
  • Parallel image building jobs.
  • Removed useless cache which wasted time on downloading.