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Add doc building, 
update How To release to reflect tar ball and docs start building as soon as work is committed.
References #3985 for PostGIS 2.4

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......@@ -82,13 +82,15 @@ Release procedure
Go to: ​ edit the matrix to reflect new branch
- Tag branch: (replace x.x and x.x.x with minor and micro version e.g 2.3, 2.3.1
$ base=
$ brev=2.4
$ rev=2.4.x
$ base=
$ brev=x.x
$ rev=x.x.x
$ svn copy -m "Tagged release $rev" $base/branches/$brev $base/tags/$rev
- Run: sh $rev (or use debbie for this)
- Build and test generated tarball (including extension upgrade)
- Copy tarball to web site and edit downloads page
- Run: sh $rev (note, debbie should have already done this,
and the file will be waiting in
- Documentation should also have been built and should be in
- Test generated tarball (including extension upgrade)
- Copy tarball, pdf, doc-html.. to web site and edit downloads page
- Announce on e-mail
- postgis-users
- postgis-devel
......@@ -96,9 +98,9 @@ Release procedure
- osgeo-discuss
- Update web sites
- PostGIS News
a) create a new Post for current year making sure the page name starts with mm-dd
b) Update links on
b) Update links on
c) commit and wait 5 minutes to see changes on website
- PostGIS doc release versioned doc -
(For building pdf, debbie has tagged jobs
......@@ -32,3 +32,4 @@ export package=${newoutdir}.tar.gz
echo "The package name is $package"
cp $package $WEB_DIR
sh ci/debbie/
export PG_VER=9.6
# export PGPORT=8442
export OS_BUILD=64
export PROJECTS=/var/lib/jenkins/workspace
export GEOS_VER=3.6
export GDAL_VER=2.2
export WEB_DIR=/var/www/postgis_stuff
export PGPATH=${PROJECTS}/pg/rel/pg${PG_VER}w${OS_BUILD}
export PATH="${PGPATH}/bin:$PATH"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${PROJECTS}/gdal/rel-${GDAL_VER}w${OS_BUILD}/lib:${PROJECTS}/geos/rel-${GEOS_VER}w${OS_BUILD}/lib:${PGPATH}/lib"
POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION=`grep ^POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION Version.config | cut -d= -f2`
POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION=`grep ^POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION Version.config | cut -d= -f2`
POSTGIS_MICRO_VERSION=`grep ^POSTGIS_MICRO_VERSION Version.config | cut -d= -f2`
chmod -R 755 /var/www/postgis_docs/manual-${POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION}.${POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION}
echo $PATH
if [ -f GNUMakefile ]; then
make distclean
# --with-gdalconfig=${PROJECTS}/gdal/rel-${GDAL_VER}w${OS_BUILD}/bin/gdal-config
# --without-raster
CPPFLAGS="-I${PGPATH}/include" \
LDFLAGS="-L${PGPATH}/lib" ./configure \
--with-pgconfig=${PGPATH}/bin/pg_config \
--with-geosconfig=${PROJECTS}/geos/rel-${GEOS_VER}w${OS_BUILD}/bin/geos-config \
make clean
cd doc
mv postgis.xml postgis.xml.orig
sed -e "s:</title>:</title><subtitle><subscript>SVN Revision (<emphasis>${POSTGIS_SVN_REVISION}</emphasis>)</subscript></subtitle>:" postgis.xml.orig > postgis.xml
make pdf
rm -rf images
mkdir images
cp html/images/* images
make epub
make -e chunked-html 2>&1 | tee -a doc-errors.log
#make update-po #we do this only for trunk because transifex only follows trunk
make -C po/ja/ local-html
make -C po/de/ local-html
make -C po/pt_BR/ local-html
make -C po/ko_KR/ local-html
export outdir=html
tar -czf "$package" --exclude='.svn' --exclude='.git' --exclude='image_src' "$outdir"
#make update-po
#make -C po/it_IT/ local-html
#make -C po/pt_BR/ local-html
#make pdf-localized
mv postgis.xml.orig postgis.xml
mkdir -p /var/www/postgis_docs/manual-${POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION}.${POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION}
mkdir -p /var/www/postgis_docs/manual-${POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION}.${POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION}/images
cp -R html/*.* /var/www/postgis_docs/manual-${POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION}.${POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION}
cp -R html/images/* /var/www/postgis_docs/manual-${POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION}.${POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION}/images
chmod -R 755 /var/www/postgis_docs/manual-${POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION}.${POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION}
cp -R *.pdf /var/www/postgis_stuff/
cp -R *.epub /var/www/postgis_stuff/
cp -R $package /var/www/postgis_stuff/
......@@ -62,11 +62,6 @@ if [ -n "$1" ]; then
if [ -v "$outdir" ]; then
echo "Output directory $outdir already exists."
exit 1
if [ -d "$outdir" ]; then
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