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Un space

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......@@ -5,46 +5,28 @@ XXXX/XX/XX
- #4231, Support for PostgreSQL 12dev (remove use of pg_constraint.consrc)
(Regina Obe, Laurenz Albe)
- #4247, Avoid undefined behaviour in next_float functions (Raúl Marín)
- #4249, Fix undefined behaviour in raster intersection (Raúl Marín)
- #4246, Fix undefined behaviour in ST_3DDistance (Raúl Marín)
- #4244, Avoid unaligned memory access in BOX2D_out (Raúl Marín)
- #4139, Make mixed-dimension ND index build tree correctly.
WARNING: REINDEX your ND index on tables that have records with different M/Z
dimensions for &&& operator to work predictably.
(Darafei Praliaskouski, Arthur Lesuisse, Andrew Gierth, Raúl Marín)
- #4262, Document MULTISURFACE compatibility of ST_LineToCurve (Steven Ottens)
- #4267, Enable Proj 6 deprecated APIs (Darafei Praliaskouski, Raúl Marín)
- #4276, ST_AsGeoJSON documentation refresh (Darafei Praliaskouski)
- #4273, Tighter parsing of WKT (Paul Ramsey)
- #4292, ST_AsMVT: parse JSON numeric values with decimals as doubles (Raúl Marín)
- #4300, ST_AsMVTGeom: Always return the simplest geometry (Raúl Marín)
- #4301, ST_Subdivide: fix endless loop on coordinates near coincident to bounds
(Darafei Praliaskouski)
- #4261, Use AccessShareLock in spatial_index_read_extent (Paul Ramsey)
- #4289, ST_AsMVTGeom: Transform coordinates space before clipping (Raúl Marín)
- #4275, Avoid passing a NULL pointer to GEOSisEmpty (Raúl Marín)
- #4296, Use `server_version_num` instead of parsing `version()` (Raúl Marín)
- #4290, More robust geography distance (Paul Ramsey)
- #4283, Avoid final point duplicates for circle stroking
- #4283, Avoid final point duplicates for circle stroking (Paul Ramsey)
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