Commit c6dcd7fc authored by Paul Ramsey's avatar Paul Ramsey

Remove unused code

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......@@ -428,55 +428,4 @@ ptarray_transform(POINTARRAY* pa, PJ* pj)
return LW_SUCCESS;
#if 0
point4d_transform(POINT4D *pt, PJ* pj)
POINT4D pt_src = *pt; /* Copy for error report*/
PJ_COORD pj_coord_src, pj_coord_dst;
int input_swapped = proj_crs_is_swapped(proj_get_source_crs(NULL, pj));
int output_swapped = proj_crs_is_swapped(proj_get_target_crs(NULL, pj));
if (proj_angular_input(pj, PJ_FWD))
LWDEBUGF(4, "transforming POINT(%f %f) using '%s'",
pt_src.x, pt_src.y, (proj_pj_info(pj)).definition);
if (input_swapped)
pj_coord_src = proj_coord(pt->y, pt->x, pt->z, pt->m);
pj_coord_src = proj_coord(pt->x, pt->y, pt->z, pt->m);
pj_coord_dst = proj_trans(pj, PJ_FWD, pj_coord_src);
int pj_errno_val = proj_errno(pj);
if (pj_errno_val)
lwerror("point4d_transform: couldn't project point (%g %g %g): %s (%d)",
pt_src.x, pt_src.y, pt_src.z,
proj_errno_string(pj_errno_val), pj_errno_val);
return LW_FAILURE;
if (output_swapped)
pt->x = pj_coord_dst.xyzt.x;
pt->y = pj_coord_dst.xyzt.y;
pt->x = pj_coord_dst.xyzt.x;
pt->y = pj_coord_dst.xyzt.y;
pt->z = pj_coord_dst.xyzt.z;
pt->m = pt_src.m;
if (proj_angular_output(pj, PJ_FWD))
return LW_SUCCESS;
#endif /* point4d_transform */
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