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fix missed edit.

References #3985 for PostGIS 2.4

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......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ Release procedure
and the file will be waiting in
- Documentation should also have been built and should be in
- Test generated tarball (including extension upgrade)
- Copy tarball, pdf, doc-html.. to web site and edit downloads page
- Copy tarball, pdf, doc-html.. to web site and edit page
- Announce on e-mail
- postgis-users
- postgis-devel
......@@ -103,11 +103,7 @@ Release procedure
b) Update links on
c) commit and wait 5 minutes to see changes on website
- PostGIS doc release versioned doc -
(For building pdf, debbie has tagged jobs
-- (log in)
Create new job copy last tag e.g. PostGIS_2.0_tagged_docs to PostGIS_2.1_tagged_docs
and make appropriate edits and then just run.
Or just be lazy and bug Regina Obe do this.
Verify the documentation is up to date (might need to change the apach config)
- Wikipedia
- Twitter
This should automatically happen as a result of posting to PostGIS website since Planet PostGIS autotweets.
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