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Add migration guide for upgraders

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PostGIS 2.0 Migration Guide
PostGIS 2.0 introduces changes that may affect backward compatibility
for some applications. This document lists those changes.
In PostGIS 2.0, the ``geometry_columns`` metadata has been changed from
a table to a view.
* For applications that manage ``geometry_columns``
using the standard AddGeometryColumn() and other methods, there should
be no change.
* Applications that have inserted directly into ``geometry_columns``
will need to either move to the standard functions, or change
their create table syntax to include type/srid/dimsionality
For example, to specify a 3D feature in WGS84::
CREATE TABLE mytable (
g Geometry(PointZ,4326)
* Applications reading metadata from ``geometry_columns`` should expect
that the geometry type strings will be mixed case and include the
dimensionality modifiers. For example: PointZM, MultiLineStringZ.
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