Commit 6ad6902e authored by Paul Ramsey's avatar Paul Ramsey

Update OGC certification scripts to match new SFSQL 1.2 signatures

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This diff is collapsed.
dropdb --if-exists $(TESTDB) > /dev/null
createdb $(TESTDB) > /dev/null
createlang plpgsql $(TESTDB)
psql $(TESTDB) < ../../postgis.sql >/dev/null 2>&1
psql $(TESTDB) < ../../postgis/postgis.sql >/dev/null 2>&1
psql -a -f 1_schema.sql $(TESTDB) > 1_output.txt 2>&1
psql -a -f 2_queries.sql $(TESTDB) > 2_output.txt 2>&1
@echo "---------------------------------------"
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