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Update test running instructions

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This test suite was originally downloaded from
and legal adaptations necessary for PostGIS were added to allow it
to run.
- All tests must be run in a database named 'ogc' in order for the
AddGeometryColumn() function calls to work.
createdb ogc
createlang plpgsql ogc
psql ogc < ../../postgis.sql
psql -a -f 1_schema.sql ogc >& 1_output.txt
psql -a -f 2_queries.sql ogc >& 2_output.txt
psql -a -f 3_cleanup.sql ogc >& 3_output.txt
dropdb --if-exists ogc_test_suite
createdb ogc_test_suite
psql ogc_test_suite < ../../postgis/postgis.sql
psql -c 'create extension postgis' ogc_test_suite
psql -a -f 1_schema.sql ogc_test_suite >& 1_output.txt
psql -a -f 2_queries.sql ogc_test_suite >& 2_output.txt
psql -a -f 3_cleanup.sql ogc_test_suite >& 3_output.txt
- Load the test files in order. File 2 has the actual tests, with the
correct answers for each test in the comments.
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