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Add costs to functions in the form of macros:

Macros are set in and are switched
on PgSQL version. Prior to PG12, costs should be
small or nonexistent, to avoid SQL inlining issues.
After Pg12, costs can be higher to hopefully
force more parallelism in plans.
Closes #4344

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......@@ -21,6 +21,25 @@
* High costs can only be used for PostGIS 3/PgSQL 12
* where the support functions have been used in
* place of index SQL inlining.
* See
* for sideffects of costing inlined SQL.
#define _COST_LOW COST 100
#define _COST_MEDIUM COST 1000
#define _COST_HIGH COST 10000
#define _COST_LOW COST 1
#define _COST_MEDIUM COST 10
#define _COST_HIGH COST 10
* Define the build date and the version number
* (these substitiutions are done with extra quotes sinces CPP
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