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Itemize some issues with restoring data from old that cause failures

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......@@ -31,5 +31,23 @@ a table to a view.
that the geometry type strings will be mixed case and include the
dimensionality modifiers. For example: PointZM, MultiLineStringZ.
Restoring data from prior versions -- GOTCHAS
The populate_geometry_columns() function in PostGIS 1.5 and below, used the deprecated functions
ndims() and srid() for defining constraints. As a result these tables will not restore into a fresh PostGIS 2.0 database unless you
1) Drop these contraints before you restore the data
2) Install the legacy functions srid() and ndims() found in the legacy.sql file before you try to restore these tables.
Function is not unique after restore
After you restore old data into a fresh PostGIS 2.0 database, YOU MUST install the uninstall_legacy.sql
file after the restore. If you don't you will run into "function is not unique" errors in your applications.
The other issue with having the old functions is the old functions you restore will be bound to the old postgis library which is incompatible with the
new postgis geometry structures.
If you still require legacy functions, you can install the legacy.sql file after the uninstall_legacy.sql.
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