Commit 70cce3dc authored by Paul Ramsey's avatar Paul Ramsey

Remove compiler warnings in OS/X

git-svn-id:[email protected] b70326c6-7e19-0410-871a-916f4a2858ee
parent 629ff47a
......@@ -655,8 +655,8 @@ LWGEOM_GEOS_makeValidMultiLine(const GEOSGeometry* gin)
GEOSGeometry** points;
GEOSGeometry* mline_out=0;
GEOSGeometry* mpoint_out=0;
GEOSGeometry* gout;
uint32 nlines, nlines_alloc;
GEOSGeometry* gout=0;
uint32 nlines=0, nlines_alloc;
uint32 npoints=0;
uint32 ngeoms=0, nsubgeoms;
uint32 i, j;
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