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Per Martin Davis suggestion, rephrase note, and move clauser to the code

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......@@ -871,12 +871,12 @@ SELECT ST_AsText( ST_TileEnvelope(3, 1, 1, ST_MakeEnvelope(-180, -90, 180, 90, 4
<para>If we generate a set of hexagons for each polygon boundary and filter
out those that do not intersect their hexagons, we end up with a tiling for
each polygon.</para>
<note><para>The LATERAL keyword is optional for set returning functions and is implied when using a input from prior table in the FROM. So CROSS JOIN LATERAL, CROSS JOIN, or just plain , are equivalent constructs.</para></note>
<imagedata fileref='images/st_hexagongrid03.png' />
<para>Tiling states results in a hexagon coverage of each state, and multiple
hexagons overlapping at the borders between states.</para>
<note><para>The LATERAL keyword is implied for set-returning functions when referring to a prior table in the FROM list. So CROSS JOIN LATERAL, CROSS JOIN, or just plain , are equivalent constructs for this example.</para></note>
<programlisting>SELECT admin1.gid, hex.geom
FROM admin1
CROSS JOIN ST_HexagonGrid(100000, admin1.geom) AS hex
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