Commit 33cd9fba authored by Regina Obe's avatar Regina Obe

Add ST_CollectionExtract to see also section of ST_Split

parent 7e70fc8c
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......@@ -3296,10 +3296,11 @@ GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(
<xref linkend="ST_AsText" />,
<xref linkend="ST_BuildArea" />,
<xref linkend="ST_CollectionExtract" />,
<xref linkend="ST_Dump" />,
<xref linkend="ST_GeometryN" />,
<xref linkend="ST_Union" />,
<xref linkend="ST_Subdivide" />
<xref linkend="ST_Subdivide" />,
<xref linkend="ST_Union" />
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