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    Merge tag 'fbdev-v4.14' of git://github.com/bzolnier/linux · 503f0453
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull fbdev updates from Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
     - make fbcon a built-time depency for fbdev (fbcon was tristate option
       before, now it is a bool) - this is a first step in preparations for
       making console_lock usage saner (currently it acts like the BKL for
       all things fbdev/fbcon) (Daniel Vetter)
     - add fbcon=margin:<color> command line option to select the fbcon
       margin color (David Lechner)
     - add DMI quirk table for x86 systems which need fbcon rotation
       (devices like Asus T100HA, GPD Pocket, the GPD win and the I.T.Works
       TW891) (Hans de Goede)
     - fix 1bpp logo support for unusual width (needed by LEGO MINDSTORMS
       EV3) (David Lechner)
     - enable Xilinx FB driver for ARM ZynqMP platform (Michal Simek)
     - fix use after free in the error path of udlfb driver (Anton Vasilyev)
     - fix error return code handling in pxa3xx_gcu driver (Gustavo A. R.
     - fix bootparams.screeninfo arguments checking in vgacon (Jan H.
     - do not leak uninitialized padding in clk to userspace in the debug
       code of atyfb driver (Vladis Dronov)
     - fix compiler warnings in fbcon code and matroxfb driver (Arnd
     - convert fbdev susbsytem to using %pOF instead of full_name (Rob
     - structures constifications (Arvind Yadav, Bhumika Goyal, Gustavo A.
       R. Silva, Julia Lawall)
     - misc cleanups (Gustavo A. R. Silva, Hyun Kwon, Julia Lawall, Kuninori
       Morimoto, Lynn Lei)
    * tag 'fbdev-v4.14' of git://github.com/bzolnier/linux: (75 commits)
      video/console: Update BIOS dates list for GPD win console rotation DMI quirk
      video/console: Add rotated LCD-panel DMI quirk for the VIOS LTH17
      video: fbdev: sis: fix duplicated code for different branches
      video: fbdev: make fb_var_screeninfo const
      video: fbdev: aty: do not leak uninitialized padding in clk to userspace
      vgacon: Prevent faulty bootparams.screeninfo from causing harm
      video: fbdev: make fb_videomode const
      video/console: Add new BIOS date for GPD pocket to dmi quirk table
      fbcon: remove restriction on margin color
      video: ARM CLCD: constify amba_id
      video: fm2fb: constify zorro_device_id
      video: fbdev: annotate fb_fix_screeninfo with const and __initconst
      omapfb: constify omap_video_timings structures
      video: fbdev: udlfb: Fix use after free on dlfb_usb_probe error path
      fbdev: i810: make fb_ops const
      fbdev: matrox: make fb_ops const
      video: fbdev: pxa3xx_gcu: fix error return code in pxa3xx_gcu_probe()
      video: fbdev: Enable Xilinx FB for ZynqMP
      video: fbdev: Fix multiple style issues in xilinxfb
      video: fbdev: udlfb: constify usb_device_id.
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