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    Merge tag 'mmc-v4.12' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ulfh/mmc · be580e75
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull MMC updates from Ulf Hansson:
     "MMC core:
       - Continue to re-factor code to prepare for eMMC CMDQ and blkmq support
       - Introduce queue semantics to prepare for eMMC CMDQ and blkmq support
       - Add helper functions to manage temporary enable/disable of eMMC CMDQ
       - Improve wait-busy detection for SDIO
      MMC host:
       - cavium: Add driver to support Cavium controllers
       - cavium: Extend Cavium driver to support Octeon and ThunderX SOCs
       - bcm2835: Add new driver for Broadcom BCM2835 controller
       - sdhci-xenon: Add driver to support Marvell Xenon SDHCI controller
       - sdhci-tegra: Add support for the Tegra186 variant
       - sdhci-of-esdhc: Support for UHS-I SD cards
       - sdhci-of-esdhc: Support for eMMC HS200 cards
       - sdhci-cadence: Add eMMC HS400 enhanced strobe support
       - sdhci-esdhc-imx: Reset tuning circuit when needed
       - sdhci-pci: Modernize and clean-up some PM related code
       - sdhci-pci: Avoid re-tuning at runtime PM for some Intel devices
       - sdhci-pci|acpi: Use aggressive PM for some Intel BYT controllers
       - sdhci: Re-factoring and modernizations
       - sdhci: Optimize delay loops
       - sdhci: Improve register dump print format
       - sdhci: Add support for the Command Queue Engine
       - meson-gx: Various improvements and clean-ups
       - meson-gx: Add support for CMD23
       - meson-gx: Basic tuning support to avoid CRC errors
       - s3cmci: Enable probing via DT
       - mediatek: Improve tuning support for eMMC HS200 and HS400 mode
       - tmio: Improve DMA support
       - tmio: Use correct response for CMD12
       - dw_mmc: Minor improvements and clean-ups"
    * tag 'mmc-v4.12' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ulfh/mmc: (148 commits)
      mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: limit SD clock for ls1012a/ls1046a
      mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: poll ESDHC_CLOCK_STABLE bit with udelay
      mmc: sdhci-xenon: Fix default value of LOGIC_TIMING_ADJUST for eMMC5.0 PHY
      mmc: sdhci-xenon: Fix the work flow in xenon_remove().
      MIPS: Octeon: cavium_octeon_defconfig: Enable Octeon MMC
      mmc: sdhci-xenon: Remove redundant dev_err call in get_dt_pad_ctrl_data()
      mmc: cavium: Use module_pci_driver to simplify the code
      mmc: cavium: Add MMC support for Octeon SOCs.
      mmc: cavium: Fix detection of block or byte addressing.
      mmc: core: Export API to allow hosts to get the card address
      mmc: sdio: Fix sdio wait busy implement limitation
      mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: reset tuning circuit when power on mmc card
      clk: apn806: fix spelling mistake: "mising" -> "missing"
      mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add delay between tuning cycles
      mmc: sdhci: Control the delay between tuning commands
      mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add tuning support
      mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add support for signal voltage switch
      mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add peripheral clock support
      mmc: sdhci-pci: Allow for 3 bytes from Intel DSM
      mmc: cavium: Fix a shift wrapping bug
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