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    Merge tag 'pm-4.18-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rafael/linux-pm · 3c89adb0
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull power management updates from Rafael Wysocki:
     "These include a significant update of the generic power domains
      (genpd) and Operating Performance Points (OPP) frameworks, mostly
      related to the introduction of power domain performance levels,
      cpufreq updates (new driver for Qualcomm Kryo processors, updates of
      the existing drivers, some core fixes, schedutil governor
      improvements), PCI power management fixes, ACPI workaround for
      EC-based wakeup events handling on resume from suspend-to-idle, and
      major updates of the turbostat and pm-graph utilities.
       - Introduce power domain performance levels into the the generic
         power domains (genpd) and Operating Performance Points (OPP)
         frameworks (Viresh Kumar, Rajendra Nayak, Dan Carpenter).
       - Fix two issues in the runtime PM framework related to the
         initialization and removal of devices using device links (Ulf
       - Clean up the initialization of drivers for devices in PM domains
         (Ulf Hansson, Geert Uytterhoeven).
       - Fix a cpufreq core issue related to the policy sysfs interface
         causing CPU online to fail for CPUs sharing one cpufreq policy in
         some situations (Tao Wang).
       - Make it possible to use platform-specific suspend/resume hooks in
         the cpufreq-dt driver and make the Armada 37xx DVFS use that
         feature (Viresh Kumar, Miquel Raynal).
       - Optimize policy transition notifications in cpufreq (Viresh Kumar).
       - Improve the iowait boost mechanism in the schedutil cpufreq
         governor (Patrick Bellasi).
       - Improve the handling of deferred frequency updates in the schedutil
         cpufreq governor (Joel Fernandes, Dietmar Eggemann, Rafael Wysocki,
         Viresh Kumar).
       - Add a new cpufreq driver for Qualcomm Kryo (Ilia Lin).
       - Fix and clean up some cpufreq drivers (Colin Ian King, Dmitry
         Osipenko, Doug Smythies, Luc Van Oostenryck, Simon Horman, Viresh
       - Fix the handling of PCI devices with the DPM_SMART_SUSPEND flag set
         and update stale comments in the PCI core PM code (Rafael Wysocki).
       - Work around an issue related to the handling of EC-based wakeup
         events in the ACPI PM core during resume from suspend-to-idle if
         the EC has been put into the low-power mode (Rafael Wysocki).
       - Improve the handling of wakeup source objects in the PM core (Doug
         Berger, Mahendran Ganesh, Rafael Wysocki).
       - Update the driver core to prevent deferred probe from breaking
         suspend/resume ordering (Feng Kan).
       - Clean up the PM core somewhat (Bjorn Helgaas, Ulf Hansson, Rafael
       - Make the core suspend/resume code and cpufreq support the RT patch
         (Sebastian Andrzej Siewior, Thomas Gleixner).
       - Consolidate the PM QoS handling in cpuidle governors (Rafael
       - Fix a possible crash in the hibernation core (Tetsuo Handa).
       - Update the rockchip-io Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS) driver (David
       - Update the turbostat utility (fixes, cleanups, new CPU IDs, new
         command line options, built-in "Low Power Idle" counters support,
         new POLL and POLL% columns) and add an entry for it to MAINTAINERS
         (Len Brown, Artem Bityutskiy, Chen Yu, Laura Abbott, Matt Turner,
         Prarit Bhargava, Srinivas Pandruvada).
       - Update the pm-graph to version 5.1 (Todd Brandt).
       - Update the intel_pstate_tracer utility (Doug Smythies)"
    * tag 'pm-4.18-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rafael/linux-pm: (128 commits)
      tools/power turbostat: update version number
      tools/power turbostat: Add Node in output
      tools/power turbostat: add node information into turbostat calculations
      tools/power turbostat: remove num_ from cpu_topology struct
      tools/power turbostat: rename num_cores_per_pkg to num_cores_per_node
      tools/power turbostat: track thread ID in cpu_topology
      tools/power turbostat: Calculate additional node information for a package
      tools/power turbostat: Fix node and siblings lookup data
      tools/power turbostat: set max_num_cpus equal to the cpumask length
      tools/power turbostat: if --num_iterations, print for specific number of iterations
      tools/power turbostat: Add Cannon Lake support
      tools/power turbostat: delete duplicate #defines
      x86: msr-index.h: Correct SNB_C1/C3_AUTO_UNDEMOTE defines
      tools/power turbostat: Correct SNB_C1/C3_AUTO_UNDEMOTE defines
      tools/power turbostat: add POLL and POLL% column
      tools/power turbostat: Fix --hide Pk%pc10
      tools/power turbostat: Build-in "Low Power Idle" counters support
      tools/power turbostat: Don't make man pages executable
      tools/power turbostat: remove blank lines
      tools/power turbostat: a small C-states dump readability immprovement
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