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    Merge tag 'nand/for-4.19' of git://git.infradead.org/linux-mtd into mtd/next · da86748b
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    Pull NAND updates from Miquel Raynal:
     NAND core changes:
     - Add the SPI-NAND framework.
     - Create a helper to find the best ECC configuration.
     - Create NAND controller operations.
     - Allocate dynamically ONFI parameters structure.
     - Add defines for ONFI version bits.
     - Add manufacturer fixup for ONFI parameter page.
     - Add an option to specify NAND chip as a boot device.
     - Add Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm.
     - Better name for the controller structure.
     - Remove unused caller_is_module() definition.
     - Make subop helpers return unsigned values.
     - Expose _notsupp() helpers for raw page accessors.
     - Add default values for dynamic timings.
     - Kill the chip->scan_bbt() hook.
     - Rename nand_default_bbt() into nand_create_bbt().
     - Start to clean the nand_chip structure.
     - Remove stale prototype from rawnand.h.
     Raw NAND controllers drivers changes:
     - Qcom: structuring cleanup.
     - Denali: use core helper to find the best ECC configuration.
     - Possible build of almost all drivers by adding a dependency on
       COMPILE_TEST for almost all of them in Kconfig, implies various
       fixes, Kconfig cleanup, GPIO headers inclusion cleanup, and even
       changes in sparc64 and ia64 architectures.
     - Clean the ->probe() functions error path of a lot of drivers.
     - Migrate all drivers to use nand_scan() instead of
       nand_scan_ident()/nand_scan_tail() pair.
     - Use mtd_device_register() where applicable to simplify the code.
     - Marvell:
       * Handle on-die ECC.
       * Better clocks handling.
       * Remove bogus comment.
       * Add suspend and resume support.
     - Tegra: add NAND controller driver.
     - Atmel:
       * Add module param to avoid using dma.
       * Drop Wenyou Yang from MAINTAINERS.
     - Denali: optimize timings handling.
     - FSMC: Stop using chip->read_buf().
     - FSL:
       * Switch to SPDX license tag identifiers.
       * Fix qualifiers in MXC init functions.
     Raw NAND chip drivers changes:
     - Micron:
       * Add fixup for ONFI revision.
       * Update ecc_stats.corrected.
       * Make ECC activation stateful.
       * Avoid enabling/disabling ECC when it can't be disabled.
       * Get the actual number of bitflips.
       * Allow forced on-die ECC.
       * Support 8/512 on-die ECC.
       * Fix on-die ECC detection logic.
     - Hynix:
       * Fix decoding the OOB size on H27UCG8T2BTR.
       * Use ->exec_op() in hynix_nand_reg_write_op().
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