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    Merge tag 'powerpc-4.19-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/powerpc/linux · 5e2d059b
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull powerpc updates from Michael Ellerman:
     "Notable changes:
       - A fix for a bug in our page table fragment allocator, where a page
         table page could be freed and reallocated for something else while
         still in use, leading to memory corruption etc. The fix reuses
         pt_mm in struct page (x86 only) for a powerpc only refcount.
       - Fixes to our pkey support. Several are user-visible changes, but
         bring us in to line with x86 behaviour and/or fix outright bugs.
         Thanks to Florian Weimer for reporting many of these.
       - A series to improve the hvc driver & related OPAL console code,
         which have been seen to cause hardlockups at times. The hvc driver
         changes in particular have been in linux-next for ~month.
       - Increase our MAX_PHYSMEM_BITS to 128TB when SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP=y.
       - Remove Power8 DD1 and Power9 DD1 support, neither chip should be in
         use anywhere other than as a paper weight.
       - An optimised memcmp implementation using Power7-or-later VMX
       - Support for barrier_nospec on some NXP CPUs.
       - Support for flushing the count cache on context switch on some IBM
         CPUs (controlled by firmware), as a Spectre v2 mitigation.
       - A series to enhance the information we print on unhandled signals
         to bring it into line with other arches, including showing the
         offending VMA and dumping the instructions around the fault.
      Thanks to: Aaro Koskinen, Akshay Adiga, Alastair D'Silva, Alexey
      Kardashevskiy, Alexey Spirkov, Alistair Popple, Andrew Donnellan,
      Aneesh Kumar K.V, Anju T Sudhakar, Arnd Bergmann, Bartosz Golaszewski,
      Benjamin Herrenschmidt, Bharat Bhushan, Bjoern Noetel, Boqun Feng,
      Breno Leitao, Bryant G. Ly, Camelia Groza, Christophe Leroy, Christoph
      Hellwig, Cyril Bur, Dan Carpenter, Daniel Klamt, Darren Stevens, Dave
      Young, David Gibson, Diana Craciun, Finn Thain, Florian Weimer,
      Frederic Barrat, Gautham R. Shenoy, Geert Uytterhoeven, Geoff Levand,
      Guenter Roeck, Gustavo Romero, Haren Myneni, Hari Bathini, Joel
      Stanley, Jonathan Neuschäfer, Kees Cook, Madhavan Srinivasan, Mahesh
      Salgaonkar, Markus Elfring, Mathieu Malaterre, Mauro S. M. Rodrigues,
      Michael Hanselmann, Michael Neuling, Michael Schmitz, Mukesh Ojha,
      Murilo Opsfelder Araujo, Nicholas Piggin, Parth Y Shah, Paul
      Mackerras, Paul Menzel, Ram Pai, Randy Dunlap, Rashmica Gupta, Reza
      Arbab, Rodrigo R. Galvao, Russell Currey, Sam Bobroff, Scott Wood,
      Shilpasri G Bhat, Simon Guo, Souptick Joarder, Stan Johnson, Thiago
      Jung Bauermann, Tyrel Datwyler, Vaibhav Jain, Vasant Hegde, Venkat
      Rao, zhong jiang"
    * tag 'powerpc-4.19-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/powerpc/linux: (234 commits)
      powerpc/mm/book3s/radix: Add mapping statistics
      powerpc/uaccess: Enable get_user(u64, *p) on 32-bit
      powerpc/mm/hash: Remove unnecessary do { } while(0) loop
      powerpc/64s: move machine check SLB flushing to mm/slb.c
      powerpc/powernv/idle: Fix build error
      powerpc/mm/tlbflush: update the mmu_gather page size while iterating address range
      powerpc/mm: remove warning about ‘type’ being set
      powerpc/32: Include setup.h header file to fix warnings
      powerpc: Move `path` variable inside DEBUG_PROM
      powerpc/powermac: Make some functions static
      powerpc/powermac: Remove variable x that's never read
      cxl: remove a dead branch
      powerpc/powermac: Add missing include of header pmac.h
      powerpc/kexec: Use common error handling code in setup_new_fdt()
      powerpc/xmon: Add address lookup for percpu symbols
      powerpc/mm: remove huge_pte_offset_and_shift() prototype
      powerpc/lib: Use patch_site to patch copy_32 functions once cache is enabled
      powerpc/pseries: Fix endianness while restoring of r3 in MCE handler.
      powerpc/fadump: merge adjacent memory ranges to reduce PT_LOAD segements
      powerpc/fadump: handle crash memory ranges array index overflow
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