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    Merge tag 'pci-v4.20-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/helgaas/pci · bd6bf7c1
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull PCI updates from Bjorn Helgaas:
     - Fix ASPM link_state teardown on removal (Lukas Wunner)
     - Fix misleading _OSC ASPM message (Sinan Kaya)
     - Make _OSC optional for PCI (Sinan Kaya)
     - Don't initialize ASPM link state when ACPI_FADT_NO_ASPM is set
       (Patrick Talbert)
     - Remove x86 and arm64 node-local allocation for host bridge structures
       (Punit Agrawal)
     - Pay attention to device-specific _PXM node values (Jonathan Cameron)
     - Support new Immediate Readiness bit (Felipe Balbi)
     - Differentiate between pciehp surprise and safe removal (Lukas Wunner)
     - Remove unnecessary pciehp includes (Lukas Wunner)
     - Drop pciehp hotplug_slot_ops wrappers (Lukas Wunner)
     - Tolerate PCIe Slot Presence Detect being hardwired to zero to
       workaround broken hardware, e.g., the Wilocity switch/wireless device
       (Lukas Wunner)
     - Unify pciehp controller & slot structs (Lukas Wunner)
     - Constify hotplug_slot_ops (Lukas Wunner)
     - Drop hotplug_slot_info (Lukas Wunner)
     - Embed hotplug_slot struct into users instead of allocating it
       separately (Lukas Wunner)
     - Initialize PCIe port service drivers directly instead of relying on
       initcall ordering (Keith Busch)
     - Restore PCI config state after a slot reset (Keith Busch)
     - Save/restore DPC config state along with other PCI config state
       (Keith Busch)
     - Reference count devices during AER handling to avoid race issue with
       concurrent hot removal (Keith Busch)
     - If an Upstream Port reports ERR_FATAL, don't try to read the Port's
       config space because it is probably unreachable (Keith Busch)
     - During error handling, use slot-specific reset instead of secondary
       bus reset to avoid link up/down issues on hotplug ports (Keith Busch)
     - Restore previous AER/DPC handling that does not remove and
       re-enumerate devices on ERR_FATAL (Keith Busch)
     - Notify all drivers that may be affected by error recovery resets
       (Keith Busch)
     - Always generate error recovery uevents, even if a driver doesn't have
       error callbacks (Keith Busch)
     - Make PCIe link active reporting detection generic (Keith Busch)
     - Support D3cold in PCIe hierarchies during system sleep and runtime,
       including hotplug and Thunderbolt ports (Mika Westerberg)
     - Handle hpmemsize/hpiosize kernel parameters uniformly, whether slots
       are empty or occupied (Jon Derrick)
     - Remove duplicated include from pci/pcie/err.c and unused variable
       from cpqphp (YueHaibing)
     - Remove driver pci_cleanup_aer_uncorrect_error_status() calls (Oza
     - Uninline PCI bus accessors for better ftracing (Keith Busch)
     - Remove unused AER Root Port .error_resume method (Keith Busch)
     - Use kfifo in AER instead of a local version (Keith Busch)
     - Use threaded IRQ in AER bottom half (Keith Busch)
     - Use managed resources in AER core (Keith Busch)
     - Reuse pcie_port_find_device() for AER injection (Keith Busch)
     - Abstract AER interrupt handling to disconnect error injection (Keith
     - Refactor AER injection callbacks to simplify future improvments
       (Keith Busch)
     - Remove unused Netronome NFP32xx Device IDs (Jakub Kicinski)
     - Use bitmap_zalloc() for dma_alias_mask (Andy Shevchenko)
     - Add switch fall-through annotations (Gustavo A. R. Silva)
     - Remove unused Switchtec quirk variable (Joshua Abraham)
     - Fix pci.c kernel-doc warning (Randy Dunlap)
     - Remove trivial PCI wrappers for DMA APIs (Christoph Hellwig)
     - Add Intel GPU device IDs to spurious interrupt quirk (Bin Meng)
     - Run Switchtec DMA aliasing quirk only on NTB endpoints to avoid
       useless dmesg errors (Logan Gunthorpe)
     - Update Switchtec NTB documentation (Wesley Yung)
     - Remove redundant "default n" from Kconfig (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
     - Avoid panic when drivers enable MSI/MSI-X twice (Tonghao Zhang)
     - Add PCI support for peer-to-peer DMA (Logan Gunthorpe)
     - Add sysfs group for PCI peer-to-peer memory statistics (Logan
     - Add PCI peer-to-peer DMA scatterlist mapping interface (Logan
     - Add PCI configfs/sysfs helpers for use by peer-to-peer users (Logan
     - Add PCI peer-to-peer DMA driver writer's documentation (Logan
     - Add block layer flag to indicate driver support for PCI peer-to-peer
       DMA (Logan Gunthorpe)
     - Map Infiniband scatterlists for peer-to-peer DMA if they contain P2P
       memory (Logan Gunthorpe)
     - Register nvme-pci CMB buffer as PCI peer-to-peer memory (Logan
     - Add nvme-pci support for PCI peer-to-peer memory in requests (Logan
     - Use PCI peer-to-peer memory in nvme (Stephen Bates, Steve Wise,
       Christoph Hellwig, Logan Gunthorpe)
     - Cache VF config space size to optimize enumeration of many VFs
       (KarimAllah Ahmed)
     - Remove unnecessary <linux/pci-ats.h> include (Bjorn Helgaas)
     - Fix VMD AERSID quirk Device ID matching (Jon Derrick)
     - Fix Cadence PHY handling during probe (Alan Douglas)
     - Signal Cadence Endpoint interrupts via AXI region 0 instead of last
       region (Alan Douglas)
     - Write Cadence Endpoint MSI interrupts with 32 bits of data (Alan
     - Remove redundant controller tests for "device_type == pci" (Rob
     - Document R-Car E3 (R8A77990) bindings (Tho Vu)
     - Add device tree support for R-Car r8a7744 (Biju Das)
     - Drop unused mvebu PCIe capability code (Thomas Petazzoni)
     - Add shared PCI bridge emulation code (Thomas Petazzoni)
     - Convert mvebu to use shared PCI bridge emulation (Thomas Petazzoni)
     - Add aardvark Root Port emulation (Thomas Petazzoni)
     - Support 100MHz/200MHz refclocks for i.MX6 (Lucas Stach)
     - Add initial power management for i.MX7 (Leonard Crestez)
     - Add PME_Turn_Off support for i.MX7 (Leonard Crestez)
     - Fix qcom runtime power management error handling (Bjorn Andersson)
     - Update TI dra7xx unaligned access errata workaround for host mode as
       well as endpoint mode (Vignesh R)
     - Fix kirin section mismatch warning (Nathan Chancellor)
     - Remove iproc PAXC slot check to allow VF support (Jitendra Bhivare)
     - Quirk Keystone K2G to limit MRRS to 256 (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Update Keystone to use MRRS quirk for host bridge instead of open
       coding (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Refactor Keystone link establishment (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Simplify and speed up Keystone link training (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Remove unused Keystone host_init argument (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Merge Keystone driver files into one (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Remove redundant Keystone platform_set_drvdata() (Kishon Vijay
       Abraham I)
     - Rename Keystone functions for uniformity (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Add Keystone device control module DT binding (Kishon Vijay Abraham
     - Use SYSCON API to get Keystone control module device IDs (Kishon
       Vijay Abraham I)
     - Clean up Keystone PHY handling (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Use runtime PM APIs to enable Keystone clock (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Clean up Keystone config space access checks (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Get Keystone outbound window count from DT (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Clean up Keystone outbound window configuration (Kishon Vijay Abraham
     - Clean up Keystone DBI setup (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Clean up Keystone ks_pcie_link_up() (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Fix Keystone IRQ status checking (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Add debug messages for all Keystone errors (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Clean up Keystone includes and macros (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)
     - Fix Mediatek unchecked return value from devm_pci_remap_iospace()
       (Gustavo A. R. Silva)
     - Fix Mediatek endpoint/port matching logic (Honghui Zhang)
     - Change Mediatek Root Port Class Code to PCI_CLASS_BRIDGE_PCI (Honghui
     - Remove redundant Mediatek PM domain check (Honghui Zhang)
     - Convert Mediatek to pci_host_probe() (Honghui Zhang)
     - Fix Mediatek MSI enablement (Honghui Zhang)
     - Add Mediatek system PM support for MT2712 and MT7622 (Honghui Zhang)
     - Add Mediatek loadable module support (Honghui Zhang)
     - Detach VMD resources after stopping root bus to prevent orphan
       resources (Jon Derrick)
     - Convert pcitest build process to that used by other tools (iio, perf,
       etc) (Gustavo Pimentel)
    * tag 'pci-v4.20-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/helgaas/pci: (140 commits)
      PCI/AER: Refactor error injection fallbacks
      PCI/AER: Abstract AER interrupt handling
      PCI/AER: Reuse existing pcie_port_find_device() interface
      PCI/AER: Use managed resource allocations
      PCI: pcie: Remove redundant 'default n' from Kconfig
      PCI: aardvark: Implement emulated root PCI bridge config space
      PCI: mvebu: Convert to PCI emulated bridge config space
      PCI: mvebu: Drop unused PCI express capability code
      PCI: Introduce PCI bridge emulated config space common logic
      PCI: vmd: Detach resources after stopping root bus
      nvmet: Optionally use PCI P2P memory
      nvmet: Introduce helper functions to allocate and free request SGLs
      nvme-pci: Add support for P2P memory in requests
      nvme-pci: Use PCI p2pmem subsystem to manage the CMB
      IB/core: Ensure we map P2P memory correctly in rdma_rw_ctx_[init|destroy]()
      block: Add PCI P2P flag for request queue
      PCI/P2PDMA: Add P2P DMA driver writer's documentation
      docs-rst: Add a new directory for PCI documentation
      PCI/P2PDMA: Introduce configfs/sysfs enable attribute helpers
      PCI/P2PDMA: Add PCI p2pmem DMA mappings to adjust the bus offset
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