Commit c978ae9b authored by Ville Syrjälä's avatar Ville Syrjälä

drm/dp/mst: Configure no_stop_bit correctly for remote i2c xfers

We aren't supposed to force a stop+start between every i2c msg
when performing multi message transfers. This should eg. cause
the DDC segment address to be reset back to 0 between writing
the segment address and reading the actual EDID extension block.

To quote the E-DDC spec:
"... this standard requires that the segment pointer be
 reset to 00h when a NO ACK or a STOP condition is received."

Since we're going to touch this might as well consult the
I2C_M_STOP flag to determine whether we want to force the stop
or not.

Cc: Brian Vincent <>
References: 's avatarVille Syrjälä <>
Link: 's avatarDhinakaran Pandiyan <>
parent 32658d2c
...@@ -3287,6 +3287,7 @@ static int drm_dp_mst_i2c_xfer(struct i2c_adapter *adapter, struct i2c_msg *msgs ...@@ -3287,6 +3287,7 @@ static int drm_dp_mst_i2c_xfer(struct i2c_adapter *adapter, struct i2c_msg *msgs
msg.u.i2c_read.transactions[i].i2c_dev_id = msgs[i].addr; msg.u.i2c_read.transactions[i].i2c_dev_id = msgs[i].addr;
msg.u.i2c_read.transactions[i].num_bytes = msgs[i].len; msg.u.i2c_read.transactions[i].num_bytes = msgs[i].len;
msg.u.i2c_read.transactions[i].bytes = msgs[i].buf; msg.u.i2c_read.transactions[i].bytes = msgs[i].buf;
msg.u.i2c_read.transactions[i].no_stop_bit = !(msgs[i].flags & I2C_M_STOP);
} }
msg.u.i2c_read.read_i2c_device_id = msgs[num - 1].addr; msg.u.i2c_read.read_i2c_device_id = msgs[num - 1].addr;
msg.u.i2c_read.num_bytes_read = msgs[num - 1].len; msg.u.i2c_read.num_bytes_read = msgs[num - 1].len;
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