Commit 800efb4c authored by Martin Peres's avatar Martin Peres Committed by Ben Skeggs

drm/nouveau/drm/therm/fan: add a fallback if no fan control is specified in the vbios

This seems to be absolutely necessary for a lot of NV40.

Reported-by: gsgf on IRC/freenode
Signed-off-by: default avatarMartin Peres <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarBen Skeggs <>
parent 7722e1b0
......@@ -64,10 +64,9 @@ nvkm_therm_update_trip(struct nvkm_therm *therm)
static int
nvkm_therm_update_linear(struct nvkm_therm *therm)
nvkm_therm_compute_linear_duty(struct nvkm_therm *therm, u8 linear_min_temp,
u8 linear_max_temp)
u8 linear_min_temp = therm->fan->bios.linear_min_temp;
u8 linear_max_temp = therm->fan->bios.linear_max_temp;
u8 temp = therm->func->temp_get(therm);
u16 duty;
......@@ -85,6 +84,21 @@ nvkm_therm_update_linear(struct nvkm_therm *therm)
return duty;
static int
nvkm_therm_update_linear(struct nvkm_therm *therm)
u8 min = therm->fan->bios.linear_min_temp;
u8 max = therm->fan->bios.linear_max_temp;
return nvkm_therm_compute_linear_duty(therm, min, max);
static int
nvkm_therm_update_linear_fallback(struct nvkm_therm *therm)
u8 max = therm->bios_sensor.thrs_fan_boost.temp;
return nvkm_therm_compute_linear_duty(therm, 30, max);
static void
nvkm_therm_update(struct nvkm_therm *therm, int mode)
......@@ -119,6 +133,8 @@ nvkm_therm_update(struct nvkm_therm *therm, int mode)
if (therm->cstate)
duty = therm->cstate;
duty = nvkm_therm_update_linear_fallback(therm);
poll = false;
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