Commit 795f3512 authored by Wei Tang's avatar Wei Tang Committed by David S. Miller

netlink: do not initialise statics to 0 or NULL

This patch fixes the error to netlabel_unlabeled.c:

ERROR: do not initialise statics to 0 or NULL
Signed-off-by: default avatarWei Tang <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent e74a386d
......@@ -116,11 +116,11 @@ struct netlbl_unlhsh_walk_arg {
static DEFINE_SPINLOCK(netlbl_unlhsh_lock);
#define netlbl_unlhsh_rcu_deref(p) \
rcu_dereference_check(p, lockdep_is_held(&netlbl_unlhsh_lock))
static struct netlbl_unlhsh_tbl *netlbl_unlhsh = NULL;
static struct netlbl_unlhsh_iface *netlbl_unlhsh_def = NULL;
static struct netlbl_unlhsh_tbl *netlbl_unlhsh;
static struct netlbl_unlhsh_iface *netlbl_unlhsh_def;
/* Accept unlabeled packets flag */
static u8 netlabel_unlabel_acceptflg = 0;
static u8 netlabel_unlabel_acceptflg;
/* NetLabel Generic NETLINK unlabeled family */
static struct genl_family netlbl_unlabel_gnl_family = {
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