Commit 54169ddd authored by Richard Weinberger's avatar Richard Weinberger

ubifs: Turn two ubifs_assert() into a WARN_ON()

We are going to pass struct ubifs_info to ubifs_assert()
but while unloading the UBIFS module we don't have the info
struct anymore.
Therefore replace the asserts by a regular WARN_ON().
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Weinberger <>
parent c355aa46
......@@ -2306,8 +2306,8 @@ late_initcall(ubifs_init);
static void __exit ubifs_exit(void)
ubifs_assert(atomic_long_read(&ubifs_clean_zn_cnt) == 0);
WARN_ON(atomic_long_read(&ubifs_clean_zn_cnt) == 0);
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