Commit 480a1a6a authored by Hyunchul Lee's avatar Hyunchul Lee Committed by Richard Weinberger

ubifs: Change gfp flags in page allocation for bulk read

In low memory situations, page allocations for bulk read
can kill applications for reclaiming memory, and print an
failure message when allocations are failed.
Because bulk read is just an optimization, we don't have
to do these and can stop page allocations.

Though this siutation happens rarely, add __GFP_NORETRY
to prevent from excessive memory reclaim and killing
applications, and __GFP_WARN to suppress this failure

For this, Use readahead_gfp_mask for gfp flags when
allocating pages.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHyunchul Lee <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Weinberger <>
parent 07d41c3c
......@@ -735,6 +735,7 @@ static int ubifs_do_bulk_read(struct ubifs_info *c, struct bu_info *bu,
int err, page_idx, page_cnt, ret = 0, n = 0;
int allocate = bu->buf ? 0 : 1;
loff_t isize;
gfp_t ra_gfp_mask = readahead_gfp_mask(mapping) & ~__GFP_FS;
err = ubifs_tnc_get_bu_keys(c, bu);
if (err)
......@@ -796,8 +797,7 @@ static int ubifs_do_bulk_read(struct ubifs_info *c, struct bu_info *bu,
if (page_offset > end_index)
page = find_or_create_page(mapping, page_offset,
page = find_or_create_page(mapping, page_offset, ra_gfp_mask);
if (!page)
if (!PageUptodate(page))
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