Commit 3ec30113 authored by Matthew Garrett's avatar Matthew Garrett Committed by Mimi Zohar

security: Add a cred_getsecid hook

For IMA purposes, we want to be able to obtain the prepared secid in the
bprm structure before the credentials are committed. Add a cred_getsecid
hook that makes this possible.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Garrett <>
Acked-by: default avatarPaul Moore <>
Cc: Paul Moore <>
Cc: Stephen Smalley <>
Cc: Casey Schaufler <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarMimi Zohar <>
parent 5893ed18
......@@ -554,6 +554,10 @@
* @new points to the new credentials.
* @old points to the original credentials.
* Transfer data from original creds to new creds
* @cred_getsecid:
* Retrieve the security identifier of the cred structure @c
* @c contains the credentials, secid will be placed into @secid.
* In case of failure, @secid will be set to zero.
* @kernel_act_as:
* Set the credentials for a kernel service to act as (subjective context).
* @new points to the credentials to be modified.
......@@ -1542,6 +1546,7 @@ union security_list_options {
int (*cred_prepare)(struct cred *new, const struct cred *old,
gfp_t gfp);
void (*cred_transfer)(struct cred *new, const struct cred *old);
void (*cred_getsecid)(const struct cred *c, u32 *secid);
int (*kernel_act_as)(struct cred *new, u32 secid);
int (*kernel_create_files_as)(struct cred *new, struct inode *inode);
int (*kernel_module_request)(char *kmod_name);
......@@ -1825,6 +1830,7 @@ struct security_hook_heads {
struct list_head cred_free;
struct list_head cred_prepare;
struct list_head cred_transfer;
struct list_head cred_getsecid;
struct list_head kernel_act_as;
struct list_head kernel_create_files_as;
struct list_head kernel_read_file;
......@@ -324,6 +324,7 @@ int security_cred_alloc_blank(struct cred *cred, gfp_t gfp);
void security_cred_free(struct cred *cred);
int security_prepare_creds(struct cred *new, const struct cred *old, gfp_t gfp);
void security_transfer_creds(struct cred *new, const struct cred *old);
void security_cred_getsecid(const struct cred *c, u32 *secid);
int security_kernel_act_as(struct cred *new, u32 secid);
int security_kernel_create_files_as(struct cred *new, struct inode *inode);
int security_kernel_module_request(char *kmod_name);
......@@ -1005,6 +1005,13 @@ void security_transfer_creds(struct cred *new, const struct cred *old)
call_void_hook(cred_transfer, new, old);
void security_cred_getsecid(const struct cred *c, u32 *secid)
*secid = 0;
call_void_hook(cred_getsecid, c, secid);
int security_kernel_act_as(struct cred *new, u32 secid)
return call_int_hook(kernel_act_as, 0, new, secid);
......@@ -3844,6 +3844,11 @@ static void selinux_cred_transfer(struct cred *new, const struct cred *old)
*tsec = *old_tsec;
static void selinux_cred_getsecid(const struct cred *c, u32 *secid)
*secid = cred_sid(c);
* set the security data for a kernel service
* - all the creation contexts are set to unlabelled
......@@ -6482,6 +6487,7 @@ static struct security_hook_list selinux_hooks[] __lsm_ro_after_init = {
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_free, selinux_cred_free),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_prepare, selinux_cred_prepare),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_transfer, selinux_cred_transfer),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_getsecid, selinux_cred_getsecid),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(kernel_act_as, selinux_kernel_act_as),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(kernel_create_files_as, selinux_kernel_create_files_as),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(kernel_module_request, selinux_kernel_module_request),
......@@ -2049,6 +2049,23 @@ static void smack_cred_transfer(struct cred *new, const struct cred *old)
/* cbs copy rule list */
* smack_cred_getsecid - get the secid corresponding to a creds structure
* @c: the object creds
* @secid: where to put the result
* Sets the secid to contain a u32 version of the smack label.
static void smack_cred_getsecid(const struct cred *c, u32 *secid)
struct smack_known *skp;
skp = smk_of_task(c->security);
*secid = skp->smk_secid;
* smack_kernel_act_as - Set the subjective context in a set of credentials
* @new: points to the set of credentials to be modified.
......@@ -4733,6 +4750,7 @@ static struct security_hook_list smack_hooks[] __lsm_ro_after_init = {
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_free, smack_cred_free),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_prepare, smack_cred_prepare),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_transfer, smack_cred_transfer),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(cred_getsecid, smack_cred_getsecid),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(kernel_act_as, smack_kernel_act_as),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(kernel_create_files_as, smack_kernel_create_files_as),
LSM_HOOK_INIT(task_setpgid, smack_task_setpgid),
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