Commit 0508ad64 authored by Or Gerlitz's avatar Or Gerlitz Committed by David S. Miller

net/mlx4_core: Don't give VFs MAC addresses which are derived from the PF MAC

If the user has not assigned a MAC address to a VM, then don't give it MAC which
is based on the PF one. The current derivation scheme is wrong and leads to VM
MAC collisions when the number of cards/hypervisors becomes big enough.

Instead, just give it zeros and let them figure out what to do with that.
Signed-off-by: default avatarOr Gerlitz <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 8a226b2c
......@@ -845,16 +845,7 @@ int mlx4_QUERY_PORT_wrapper(struct mlx4_dev *dev, int slave,
if (!err && dev->caps.function != slave) {
/* if config MAC in DB use it */
if (priv->mfunc.master.vf_oper[slave].vport[vhcr->in_modifier].state.mac)
def_mac = priv->mfunc.master.vf_oper[slave].vport[vhcr->in_modifier].state.mac;
else {
/* set slave default_mac address */
MLX4_GET(def_mac, outbox->buf, QUERY_PORT_MAC_OFFSET);
def_mac += slave << 8;
priv->mfunc.master.vf_admin[slave].vport[vhcr->in_modifier].mac = def_mac;
def_mac = priv->mfunc.master.vf_oper[slave].vport[vhcr->in_modifier].state.mac;
MLX4_PUT(outbox->buf, def_mac, QUERY_PORT_MAC_OFFSET);
/* get port type - currently only eth is enabled */
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