Commit 00ee3a13 authored by Stefan Wahren's avatar Stefan Wahren Committed by Jassi Brar

mailbox: bcm2835: Fix of_xlate return value

The bcm2835-mailbox returns NULL instead of an error pointer, which could
result in a NULL ptr dereference in mbox_request_channel. So fix this
by returning a proper error pointer.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Wahren <>
Fixes: 0bae6af6 ("mailbox: Enable BCM2835 mailbox support")
Reviewed-by: Eric Anholt's avatarEric Anholt <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJassi Brar <>
parent 61a2f6db
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ static struct mbox_chan *bcm2835_mbox_index_xlate(struct mbox_controller *mbox,
const struct of_phandle_args *sp)
if (sp->args_count != 0)
return NULL;
return ERR_PTR(-EINVAL);
return &mbox->chans[0];
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