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    NFC: microread: Auto-select core module · 04831ae4
    Jean Delvare authored
    As I understand it, the core nfc_microread module is useless without
    either the I2C or the MEI access module. So hide NFC_MICROREAD and
    select it automatically if either NFC_MICROREAD_I2C or
    NFC_MICROREAD_MEI is selected.
    This avoids presenting NFC_MICROREAD when neither NFC_MICROREAD_I2C
    nor NFC_MICROREAD_MEI can be selected.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJean Delvare <jdelvare@suse.de>
    Cc: Lauro Ramos Venancio <lauro.venancio@openbossa.org>
    Cc: Aloisio Almeida Jr <aloisio.almeida@openbossa.org>
    Cc: Samuel Ortiz <sameo@linux.intel.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSamuel Ortiz <sameo@linux.intel.com>
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