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    Merge branches 'clk-tegra' and 'clk-bulk-get-all' into clk-next · c1f74dbe
    Stephen Boyd authored
      - Nvidia Tegra clk driver MBIST workaround fix
      - clk_bulk_get_all() API and friends to get all the clks for a device
    * clk-tegra:
      clk: tegra210: Include size.h for compilation ease
      clk: tegra: Fixes for MBIST work around
      clk: tegra: probe deferral error reporting
    * clk-bulk-get-all:
      clk: add managed version of clk_bulk_get_all
      clk: add new APIs to operate on all available clocks
      clk: bulk: add of_clk_bulk_get()
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