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    Merge branch 'for-3.2/drivers' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-block · 3d0a8d10
    Linus Torvalds authored
    * 'for-3.2/drivers' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-block: (30 commits)
      virtio-blk: use ida to allocate disk index
      hpsa: add small delay when using PCI Power Management to reset for kump
      cciss: add small delay when using PCI Power Management to reset for kump
      xen/blkback: Fix two races in the handling of barrier requests.
      xen/blkback: Check for proper operation.
      xen/blkback: Fix the inhibition to map pages when discarding sector ranges.
      xen/blkback: Report VBD_WSECT (wr_sect) properly.
      xen/blkback: Support 'feature-barrier' aka old-style BARRIER requests.
      xen-blkfront: plug device number leak in xlblk_init() error path
      xen-blkfront: If no barrier or flush is supported, use invalid operation.
      xen-blkback: use kzalloc() in favor of kmalloc()+memset()
      xen-blkback: fixed indentation and comments
      xen-blkfront: fix a deadlock while handling discard response
      xen-blkfront: Handle discard requests.
      xen-blkback: Implement discard requests ('feature-discard')
      xen-blkfront: add BLKIF_OP_DISCARD and discard request struct
      drivers/block/loop.c: remove unnecessary bdev argument from loop_clr_fd()
      drivers/block/loop.c: emit uevent on auto release
      drivers/block/cpqarray.c: use pci_dev->revision
      loop: always allow userspace partitions and optionally support automatic scanning
    Fic up trivial header file includsion conflict in drivers/block/loop.c
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