Commit e902e145 authored by Thomas Gleixner's avatar Thomas Gleixner

genirq: Remove __irq_set_chip_handler_name_locked()

All users converted to irq_set_chip_handler_name_locked()
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Gleixner <[email protected]>
parent b9a5ec33
......@@ -184,19 +184,6 @@ static inline void __irq_set_handler_locked(unsigned int irq,
desc->handle_irq = handler;
/* caller has locked the irq_desc and both params are valid */
static inline void
__irq_set_chip_handler_name_locked(unsigned int irq, struct irq_chip *chip,
irq_flow_handler_t handler, const char *name)
struct irq_desc *desc;
desc = irq_to_desc(irq);
irq_desc_get_irq_data(desc)->chip = chip;
desc->handle_irq = handler;
desc->name = name;
* irq_set_handler_locked - Set irq handler from a locked region
* @data: Pointer to the irq_data structure which identifies the irq
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