Commit cd9ba057 authored by Robert Peterson's avatar Robert Peterson Committed by Greg Kroah-Hartman
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gfs2: Don't skip dlm unlock if glock has an lvb

commit 78178ca8 upstream.

Patch fb6791d1 was designed to allow gfs2 to unmount quicker by
skipping the step where it tells dlm to unlock glocks in EX with lvbs.
This was done because when gfs2 unmounts a file system, it destroys the
dlm lockspace shortly after it destroys the glocks so it doesn't need to
unlock them all: the unlock is implied when the lockspace is destroyed
by dlm.

However, that patch introduced a use-after-free in dlm: as part of its
normal dlm_recoverd process, it can call ls_recovery to recover dead
locks. In so doing, it can call recover_rsbs which calls recover_lvb for
any mastered rsbs. Func recover_lvb runs through the list of lkbs queued
to the given rsb (if the glock is cached but unlocked, it will still be
queued to the lkb, but in NL--Unlocked--mode) and if it has an lvb,
copies it to the rsb, thus trying to preserve the lkb. However, when
gfs2 skips the dlm unlock step, it frees the glock and its lvb, which
means dlm's function recover_lvb references the now freed lvb pointer,
copying the freed lvb memory to the rsb.

This patch changes the check in gdlm_put_lock so that it calls
dlm_unlock for all glocks that contain an lvb pointer.

Fixes: fb6791d1

 ("GFS2: skip dlm_unlock calls in unmount")
Cc: # v3.8+
Signed-off-by: Robert Peterson's avatarBob Peterson <>
Signed-off-by: Andreas Gruenbacher's avatarAndreas Gruenbacher <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Kroah-Hartman <>
parent b2b81c5f
......@@ -284,7 +284,6 @@ static void gdlm_put_lock(struct gfs2_glock *gl)
struct gfs2_sbd *sdp = gl->gl_name.ln_sbd;
struct lm_lockstruct *ls = &sdp->sd_lockstruct;
int lvb_needs_unlock = 0;
int error;
if (gl->gl_lksb.sb_lkid == 0) {
......@@ -297,13 +296,10 @@ static void gdlm_put_lock(struct gfs2_glock *gl)
gfs2_sbstats_inc(gl, GFS2_LKS_DCOUNT);
/* don't want to skip dlm_unlock writing the lvb when lock is ex */
if (gl->gl_lksb.sb_lvbptr && (gl->gl_state == LM_ST_EXCLUSIVE))
lvb_needs_unlock = 1;
/* don't want to skip dlm_unlock writing the lvb when lock has one */
if (test_bit(SDF_SKIP_DLM_UNLOCK, &sdp->sd_flags) &&
!lvb_needs_unlock) {
!gl->gl_lksb.sb_lvbptr) {
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