Commit c9ebc4b7 authored by Robert Peterson's avatar Robert Peterson
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gfs2: allow journal replay to hold sd_log_flush_lock

Before this patch, journal replays could stomp on log flushes
and each other because both log flushes and journal replays used
the same sd_log_bio. Function gfs2_log_flush prevents other log
flushes from interfering by taking the sd_log_flush_lock rwsem
during the flush. However, it does not protect against journal
replays. This patch allows the journal replay to take the same
sd_log_flush_lock rwsem so use of the sd_log_bio is not stomped.
Signed-off-by: Robert Peterson's avatarBob Peterson <>
parent 019dd669
......@@ -398,6 +398,10 @@ void gfs2_recover_func(struct work_struct *work)
fs_info(sdp, "jid=%u: Replaying journal...0x%x to 0x%x\n",
jd->jd_jid, head.lh_tail, head.lh_blkno);
/* We take the sd_log_flush_lock here primarily to prevent log
* flushes and simultaneous journal replays from stomping on
* each other wrt sd_log_bio. */
for (pass = 0; pass < 2; pass++) {
lops_before_scan(jd, &head, pass);
error = foreach_descriptor(jd, head.lh_tail,
......@@ -408,6 +412,7 @@ void gfs2_recover_func(struct work_struct *work)
clean_journal(jd, &head);
t_rep = ktime_get();
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