Commit 92084715 authored by Stephen M. Cameron's avatar Stephen M. Cameron Committed by Christoph Hellwig

hpsa: fix allocation sizes for CISS_REPORT_LUNs commands

We were allocating roughly double the amount of memory
we should be due to ReportLUNdata and ExtendedReportLUNdata
containing a non-zero sized array but adding extra memory
to allocate as if the array were zero sized.

Track the logical and physical sizes separately.
Allocate the memory based on the specific data
structure sizes.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDon Brace <[email protected]>
Reviewed-by: default avatarWebb Scales <webb.scal[email protected]>
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristoph Hellwig <[email protected]>
parent 7f73695a
......@@ -2893,7 +2893,7 @@ static int hpsa_get_pdisk_of_ioaccel2(struct ctlr_info *h,
* Returns 0 on success, -1 otherwise.
static int hpsa_gather_lun_info(struct ctlr_info *h,
int reportlunsize,
int reportphyslunsize, int reportloglunsize,
struct ReportLUNdata *physdev, u32 *nphysicals, int *physical_mode,
struct ReportLUNdata *logdev, u32 *nlogicals)
......@@ -2907,7 +2907,7 @@ static int hpsa_gather_lun_info(struct ctlr_info *h,
physical_entry_size = 24;
if (hpsa_scsi_do_report_phys_luns(h, physdev, reportlunsize,
if (hpsa_scsi_do_report_phys_luns(h, physdev, reportphyslunsize,
*physical_mode)) {
dev_err(&h->pdev->dev, "report physical LUNs failed.\n");
return -1;
......@@ -2920,7 +2920,7 @@ static int hpsa_gather_lun_info(struct ctlr_info *h,
*nphysicals - HPSA_MAX_PHYS_LUN);
*nphysicals = HPSA_MAX_PHYS_LUN;
if (hpsa_scsi_do_report_log_luns(h, logdev, reportlunsize)) {
if (hpsa_scsi_do_report_log_luns(h, logdev, reportloglunsize)) {
dev_err(&h->pdev->dev, "report logical LUNs failed.\n");
return -1;
......@@ -3013,15 +3013,14 @@ static void hpsa_update_scsi_devices(struct ctlr_info *h, int hostno)
u32 ndev_allocated = 0;
struct hpsa_scsi_dev_t **currentsd, *this_device, *tmpdevice;
int ncurrent = 0;
int reportlunsize = sizeof(*physdev_list) + HPSA_MAX_PHYS_LUN * 24;
int i, n_ext_target_devs, ndevs_to_allocate;
int raid_ctlr_position;
int rescan_hba_mode;
currentsd = kzalloc(sizeof(*currentsd) * HPSA_MAX_DEVICES, GFP_KERNEL);
physdev_list = kzalloc(reportlunsize, GFP_KERNEL);
logdev_list = kzalloc(reportlunsize, GFP_KERNEL);
physdev_list = kzalloc(sizeof(*physdev_list), GFP_KERNEL);
logdev_list = kzalloc(sizeof(*logdev_list), GFP_KERNEL);
tmpdevice = kzalloc(sizeof(*tmpdevice), GFP_KERNEL);
if (!currentsd || !physdev_list || !logdev_list || !tmpdevice) {
......@@ -3041,7 +3040,8 @@ static void hpsa_update_scsi_devices(struct ctlr_info *h, int hostno)
h->hba_mode_enabled = rescan_hba_mode;
if (hpsa_gather_lun_info(h, reportlunsize,
if (hpsa_gather_lun_info(h,
sizeof(*physdev_list), sizeof(*logdev_list),
(struct ReportLUNdata *) physdev_list, &nphysicals,
&physical_mode, logdev_list, &nlogicals))
goto out;
......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ struct ReportExtendedLUNdata {
u8 LUNListLength[4];
u8 extended_response_flag;
u8 reserved[3];
struct ext_report_lun_entry LUN[HPSA_MAX_LUN];
struct ext_report_lun_entry LUN[HPSA_MAX_PHYS_LUN];
struct SenseSubsystem_info {
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